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Airshoppen Taxfree

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee you the best price for all the products in Airshoppen! So you can completely relax when you’re shopping in Airshoppen before your departure, safe in the knowledge that you’re guaranteed to get the cheapest price – even if you see the item sold for less at a later date.

Guaranteed Savings

Should you find an identical article at a cheaper price somewhere in an airport or in another retail store (excluding online) within one month, then, providing you present sufficient proof, we will reimburse you the difference between that price and our purchase price. The only condition is that you bought the product in Airshoppen and can show evidence (e.g. a photo of the price tag) that you found the item elsewhere at a cheaper price within one month.

The price guarantee is valid for one month from the date of purchase and for all goods available in Airshoppen.