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"4 for 3" and other offers

When you purchase goods which are part of a special offer, the discount will automatically be deducted when the items are placed in the shopping basket. You just have to remember to order the items together, either for your outbound or return journey.

How can I make use of the ”4 for 3” offer?

Do I have to order 4 identical products to obtain a discount on the ”4 for 3” offer?

No, you can easily order different products within the same ”4 for 3” offer. You just have to ensure that you order the items together either for your outbound or return journey.

Why haven't I received a free item?

It is usually because one or more of the items you have placed in your shopping basket are not included in the ”4 for 3” offer or you have selected items from different ”4 for 3” offers.

We have three different ”4 for 3” offers - which are all marked in individual colours. You cannot mix the different ”4 for 3” offers, but you have to order 4 within one (or more) of the three offers. Please check that the items you have placed in your shopping basket are 4 items with the same colour sticker.

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