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You can pay for the products you order online up until deadline for ordering expires. After this, you make your payment to the cabin crew on board the flight on which your items are to be delivered.

Which payment cards are accepted online?

Airshoppen's online payment service accepts the following payment cards:

How can I pay on board my flight?

You can pay on board by credit card, EC debit card or cash. We accept the following cards:

When will the money be deducted from my account?

We will deduct the money from your account when the flight is closed for further orders, prior to shipping of goods. This means that we will usually take payments approximately 3-5 days before your flight is due to depart. Please remember that it you place an order to be delivered to you on both your outward and return flights, these will be processed and payment will be taken separately.

Which currencies are accepted on board?

If you would like to pay on board, the bill is usually issued in euros. This applies both to credit card and cash payments. But we also accept the following currencies:

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