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Airshoppen Taxfree

How does it work?

When you fly with Condor, you can pre-order Duty Free items and have them delivered directly to your seat on the plane. Take a look at our handy guide on how to order with Airshoppen, it’s easy, convenient and great value.

Step 1  

Log onto Airshoppen with your booking number and your flight date.

Step 2

When you have logged in, choose your Duty Free items and place them in your basket for your outbound and/or homebound flight. You can log in and change your order 6 days before your flight (the precise time will appear in connection with the log-in process).

You can pay online by credit card or on board with credit card, EC debit card or cash.

You can read more about the advantages of
Duty Free shopping in Airshoppen here.

Step 3

When we have closed for orders on your flight, we will pack put your Duty Free items and ensure they are waiting for you at your seat when you board.

You will receive items ordered for your outbound journey while on your way to your destination, and you will receive items ordered for your homebound journey while on the flight back home to Germany.