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4 for 3 offers

Buy 4 - Pay for 3

When you fly with Condor, you can always save lots of money when you buy your favourite brands.

And not only that – you will get every fourth product you buy within a product group for free!

4 for 3 - Fragrances & cosmetics

Fragrances, skincare & make-up (marked brown)

With this offer, you can combine any of our perfumes, face creams, lotions and makeup products. You will receive the cheapest of the four products for free.

Keep an eye out for the brown ‘4 for 3’ stickers in the shop or see all the products here.

4 for 3 - Spirits

Spirits (marked blue)

You can also choose to take 4 bottles of spirits from our range and get the cheapest bottle free.

This ”4 for 3” offer is marked with blue stickers, but you can also see which bottles are included in the offer here.

4 for 3 - Confectionery

Confectionery (marked green)

There's also plenty on offer for those with a sweet tooth - and you will get the cheapest of the 4 items thrown in for free.

Look out for the green "4-for-3" stickers in the shop or see which products are included in the offer here.

We have three different offers – one for each of our three main product groups: ‘Fragrances, skincare & make-up’, ‘Spirits’ and ‘Confectionery’. The offers are each identified by their own colour.

You can combine any four products of your choice within each offer – the cheapest is always free. It’s up to you whether you opt for four different products or four of the same within each product group! For example, if you decide to take up the ‘4 for 3’ Spirits offer, you could order two bottles of Tanqueray gin, a bottle of Bailey's and a bottle of Ron Zacapa – and you would get the cheapest bottle free. The discount will be deducted in your shopping basket.

Please note that all 4 (8, 12, or more) products must be ordered together EITHER on the outbound flight or the homebound flight. This means it’s not possible to split the ‘4 for 3’ offer so that you get some products delivered on the outbound flight and the rest on the homebound flight. But of course you can order several ‘4 for 3’ offers for your outbound and/or homebound flight.

Offer only applies to selected items and does not apply to already reduced items or tobacco products.